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Specialists in providing a comprehensive disposal service for all end of life IT equipment

PWC Recycling having been recycling business e-waste for over 25 years.  We pride ourselves on responsible recycling standards and data destruction services.

Some of our core business solutions

UK & Europe Collections

We regularly collect e-waste throughout the UK & Europe.  No job too big or too small!

Secure Data Destruction

We use market-leading data erasure software, which is CESG approved and conforms to HMG Infosec Standard No. 5 (the ‘Enhanced Standard’ demanded by UK government).

Re-Marketing Solutions

We have extensive knowledge in the current market value of all IT equipment.  We can offer you competitive rates on your excess stock and near end of life equipment

Fully Audited Asset Management

Every item of IT we collect is logged on a fully detailed audit.  This includes: make, model, serial and your company asset tags

Fast professional collections across the UK & Europe

We can collect from a central site with a single collection point, or from multiple sites with many collection points.

We normally collect during standard office hours but special arrangements can be made for ‘out of hours’ and weekend collections.

All equipment, when collected, is carefully packaged prior to shipment to our premises.

Vehicles return to base on the day of collection, and equipment is not left unattended whilst in transit.

Some clients request the removal and disposal of the cartons and packing materials in which new equipment has been delivered. We can also offer this service.

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We provide a full asset audit report

A comprehensive report is returned to our clients detailing the information gathered from the auditing process.

The report contains information on the make, model, serial number, asset number, specification, grade and cosmetic appearance of each item audited.

This information provides a clear picture of the state of all the IT. assets, this can then be used to determine the best possible solution for disposal.

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We recycle every possible component

We endeavor to reclaim as much material from ‘scrapped’ units to minimise impact upon the environment.
The average PC unit contains up to 35 different materials, including copper, nickel, silver, zinc, cadmium, selenium, barium beryllium, manganese, mercury, arsenic and cobalt. Some of these are classified ‘hazardous’ materials and therefore unsuitable for landfill.
All scrap items are broken down into their component parts and graded according to the type of material. At this point these materials are granulated, smelted or destroyed according to the best environmental practice. Any toxic materials and effluent waste is neutralised.
We are committed to offering the best possible environmental solution for our clients.

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PWC is trusted by companies across the UK & Europe

Have any questions?

What items can you recycle?

We will generally remove any electrical items you that you require disposal.  This includes: screens, printers, laptops, pc’s, servers, telecoms, networking and even racking.  Please feel free to get in touch if you are unsure as to what we can collect.

What is Hazardous Waste?

Many of your IT items will contain hazardous waste but PWC Recycling are licenced to carry these.  These items can be explosive and can contain poisonous gasses.  PWC Recycling can assist you in the removal of these items.

Can we get money for our e-waste?

If your e-waste has any residual market value left we could be able to offer you some return for your items.  The best way to reclaim money on your items is to call us early rather than leaving items in storage.  The IT market changes rapidly daily and the prices can drop very fast!


Send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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